Chenega Diaries: Stories and Voices of Our Past

Chenega Diaries: Stories and Voices of Our Past: This compelling book and documentary DVD tells the story of the life and times of the Chenega People circa the late 1940s. Using the children’s diary entries, archived correspondence and over 350 photographs, daily life in the Chenega Village during that time comes alive! Stories, myths, memories, recipes, and more from Chenega Elders were collected and added to the book, documentary, and website: as they recollect their memories of that time. With this project, we also branched out into the community, sharing this publication package with teachers and administrators at the Chugach School District and statewide through the Alaska State Library System, sharing the Chenega story far and wide. Please note: The Chenega Diaries DVD plays best on a DVD player and may not work on all computers.